Grand Opening of Pimpama Display Home

Pimpama-Display-Home-OpeningGold Coast Pimpama Display Home launch day! Our brand-new Avoca 227 display home opened at Gainsbrough Greens Pimpama!

Saturday 21 July our brand new Pimpama Display Home was officially opened at 364 Gainsborough Drive, Gainsborough Greens.

Congratulations to Stroud Homes Gold Coast owners Nathan and Terri Dunn!

Councillor Cameron Caldwell attended with Nathan and Terri sharing a few words on the importance of housing to the City of Gold Coast Council before cutting the ribbon to declare the display home officially open!


Great to see the crowds out enjoying the sunshine and Stroud Homes new Avoca 227 display home! Thanks to 102.9 Hot Tomato for their support. Hot Tomato was on-site on the day with an outside broadcast. Check out Hot Tomato’s photo gallery for more pics of this great day.

The Avoca 227

A few lovely surprises here – from the genuinely unique entry feature to the innovative cavity external slider – this is a lovely home! See full details here.

Finding the best place to live and build a home

finding-the-best-place-to-liveFinding the best place to live and build a new home is crucial to achieving capital growth and your desired lifestyle. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best place to live and build you new home.



Know you budget

Your budget determines the location, the size of house and land it is built on. Speak to a financier early in the process of finding the best place to live and build in,

Track the infrastructure

The existing and planned infrastructure for the area drives current and future prices. Find out what the different levels of government have planned in terms of infrastructure development for your chosen areas.

Transport is tops

The more transport options that are available the more valuable the suburb.

Carefully analyse the chosen suburb

Once you’ve found the best place to live focus more closely on that suburb or area. What are the undervalued areas in the area? These can represent a real opportunity for saving money when finding the best place to live and build your new home.

Keep an eye on neighbouring suburbs

If you can afford your chosen suburb then have a look at suburbs next door.

Look for lifestyle inclusions

Keep an eye out for walking tracks, local parks, public play areas, dog parks and bushland. These sort of features make a unique difference when finding the best place to live and build an new home.




Grand Opening Toowoomba Office

Stroud Homes Toowoomba’s new Design Centre is now officially open! Senator Matthew Canavan attended the Grand Opening early Saturday morning May 31 to cut the ribbon on the new facility.

Soon after cutting the ribbon, the children rushed in ahead of their parents to settle in to the kids play area that Greg the builder purpose-built. Their parents followed not far behind to inspect the sparkling display kitchen and colour selection room filled with samples of the latest quality new home inclusions. Later the kids moved outside to give the jumping castle a go and have a sausage from the BBQ while visitors popped in randomly throughout the day to find out a little about the exciting new builder in town!

Greg Neville, the builder at Stroud Homes Toowoomba and his son Patrick were happy to ‘talk houses’ with all and sundry throughout the afternoon “We look forward to building our homes all around the Toowoomba region” said Greg, the builder.

Preparing your new home for children

If you have young children in the house you know that you need to keep a vigilant eye on them. Safety proofing your home gives you peace of mind when you need to turn your back for a moment.


Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare your new home for young children:

Tips to keep your toddler safe:

  • Keep curtain cords well away from toddler access (at least 1600 mm above the floor)
  • Install toddler proof gating solutions on stairs.
  • Ensure chemical products are kept out of reach of little hands!

Tricks in managing noise in your home:

  • Try putting rugs or carpets on the floors to reduce noise reflection.
  • Draw or pull the curtains.
  • Add furniture – a big sofa or bed will absorb noise.
  • Book shelves work wonderfully as insulators for noise!

Establish a play area in your home:

Having a play area for the babies and toddlers can be very beneficial. Set up a designated area for them near the kitchen or living room so you can easily check on them. At Stroud Homes, we design some of our floor plans with a ‘Child’s Retreat’ to give kids space and keep them busy playing for hours!

More information

These are just a few tips on preparing your house for children and there are many more not included here. For more comprehensive information, read the Kidsafe publication: ‘A Parent’s Guide to Kidsafe Homes’



New home vs old – why should you build a new home?

Selecting-coloursNew home vs old – to build a new home or to buy a second hand home? This debate has raged on over the years!

At Stroud Homes we may just be a little biased, but here are some facts on what new built homes offer.

Good reasons to choose new home over old:

  • Design customisation on your plan to personally suit you.
  • You get to choose the inclusions and select  colours that you want.
  • New warranties on everything, including a 7 year structural warranty.
  • Greatly reduced maintenance.
  • Potential to add more value to your asset, e.g. landscaping, garden, a pool or shed.
  • NO stamp duty due on the home, which means a huge saving!
  • Get that ‘new car’ feeling throughout your entire home.


Stroud Homes – Addressing Toowoomba’s residential land shortage

Finding the right block of land to build your dream home on in Toowoomba is becoming increasingly difficult.  A shortage of land in Toowoomba means getting the right mix of location, size and price can be tricky.

Here at Stroud Homes we keep a close eye on the land market in our region, looking for blocks, estates or developments that  serve the purpose of our customers.

Whether it be 1000 square meters close to town or 10 acres a short drive from local amenities and services, we give our best efforts to find the perfect fit for our number one priority, you the customer.

Stroud Homes Toowoomba's first sale of a Wildflower 256 at Parklands Estate Highfields Stroud Homes Toowoomba’s first sale of a Wildflower 256 at Parklands Estate Highfields

Wildflower 256 house and land package at Placid Rise Estate Gatton Wildflower 256 house and land package at Placid Rise Estate Gatton

Wildflower 256 Design Walk-through with James and Bryan


James Stroud: James Stroud from Stroud Homes and I’m here today with Bryan Canavan, our senior sales consultant and today we’re having a look at the Wildflower 256. Now Bryan, we have been building a lot of these homes for people, what it is about this home that makes it so popular?

Bryan Canavan: Thanks James. It just seems to be a plan that works. You don’t often always get that with all plans but this one just seems to flow particularly well from start all the way through. Probably the best way is to just have a look at the plan. We’ll just zoom in and have a look at the floor plan. Basically the few areas I’ll just highlight that the feedback that I’m getting from clients, both ones that are looking at it and ones we’ve already built. The child’s retreat area – this is just so popular, whether or not  you’ve got little kids, medium-sized kids or older teenagers, it’s just a good area to actually have them their own little lounge room. You can see the bedrooms are all located, the bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 around that area and that gives a bit of peace and quiet to mom and dad. As we move down through the home, you can see it’s got its own media room, quite a sizeable media room so the family can come together there and watch movies, play games, whatever.

Wildflower 256 Mountain façade

Wildflower 256 Mountain Façade: Timeless Timber and Stone – is your Wildflower the “strong type”?

The master bedroom is probably the single biggest feature of the whole home and the design. You can see there’s virtually no doors; there is a door to the toilet so you’ve got privacy there but as you flow from the bedroom through to the walking ramp to the on suite, there’s no doors as such but it’s still full privacy. It’s just a beautiful layout and again it just works. We’ll have a look at the open plan area. It’s quite generous but it’s made fairly even bigger than what it is because we have no pillar here so both these stack of doors actually lock into each other so when they’re open there’s no pillar, there’s no barrier to the outside so it actually makes the alfresco feel as though it’s part of the internal area. So that’s pretty much it, James.

James Stroud: Yeah well that’s interesting, Bryan. Some of my favorite features in the home are slightly different than yours. I love the way that the master bedroom has that option to look straight out onto a swimming pool into from this area and I also love the one little feature we’ve been able to work in the back of this walk-in pantry, which is a small wine rack and it gives you the opportunity to show off your wine collection, which is a really nice little feature. The actual look of the home is quite unique too and we hope that we’re setting some new trends in the building industry with our use of stone and heavy timber on the front, just delivering that thing that everyone is looking for, which is something different.

Bryan Canavan: Thanks James. It’s a great home and I have no doubts it will continue to be as popular as it is.

James Stroud: Great, thanks for listening. See you next time.

[Video] Bryan and James give a walkthrough of a Granny Flat design

In this video Bryan and James talk you the viewer through a Granny Flat floor plan design and explain some of the design considerations and features.

For more information or if you have a question about a design for your needs please get in touch – we would love to help.



James Stroud: So Bryan, this granny flat has been very successful. Why do you think that is?

Bryan Canavan: It has, James. I think for starters, when you actually look at it from the outside, you can see it actually doesn’t really take the appearance as though it’s a house plus a granny flat.

James Stroud: Okay, yeah.

Bryan Canavan: It tends to look like “wow, this is a lovely big house, lovely pitched roof, triple garage, all that at a nice acreage location.

James Stroud: How does that work, Bryan? Is there a wall in between the two garages?

Bryan Canavan: In this particular case, no. Once you open those doors, you’d see that’s completely open from one to the other. One of the ones we did, it suited the needs of by family so that they actually have a separate wall there, but no, in this one it didn’t. Apart from that James, it’s got high accent on privacy. You can see there and just a little bit there, they’re the two front doors. This is clearly a recess door and a front entry for the granny flat that’s located here and this is the main door for the main part of the house.

James Stroud: Okay, so it’s quite private for each family?

Bryan Canavan: Very much so, very much so. Apart from that that’s open, the rest of the interaction is 2 separate homes basically. Nobody can see through or see around. Maybe if we just drop down to the plan, so this is the floor plan below and basically what we’ve got, we’re looking from the photo here, we’re looking at the triple garage there, just from what I was saying though, the alfresco is located at the center of both homes, and that allows both parties from the granny flat and the main home, to decide if they want access to a common alfresco. We’re finding a lot of people are. It makes sense, you can obviously choose whether you go in or out and most of the time when you go out there and eating it’ll be nice to be with grandma, grandpa, the kids.

James Stroud: It’s a family event.

Bryan Canavan: Exactly, exactly. So that’s one thing you can’t see from the front.

James Stroud: I really like this feature in the walk-in pantry. I would assume the elderly family would be living in here, grandma and grandpa, and they can back their car in, reverse their car in and unload the grocery straight into the walk in pantry. What an effort saver.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely. This particular lady loves cooking, enjoys her kitchen and for all intents and purposes, that’s a kitchen that most average houses would be happy with, let alone a granny flat. You’ve got a full breakfast bar there, as you pointed out you’ve got a full walk-in pantry. A lot of normal house kitchens don’t even have walk-in pantries but very sensibly placed; as you’ve said grocery straight in, food preparation, food consumption.

James Stroud: Something you mentioned to me the other day, Bryan, is that we have done it in this case but you are getting experienced at addressing the handicap…access for…

Bryan Canavan: Handicap access, yeah.

James Stroud: Access for handicap, wheelchair, widening the hallways and creating…

Bryan Canavan: Grab rails on the bath, that shares with someone, so yeah that’s something we can certainly incorporate as required.

James Stroud: Well that’s a fantastic picture; I think that anyone would be proud to move into that house, it just really comes up nice.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely, and it’s extremely functional, James. As we say that’s a small house, it’s about 84 square meters but by the same time they have 2 good-sized bedrooms, they have a good bathroom, even a decent-sized linen cupboard, separate private toilet and we’ve spoken about the kitchen and the open area. Just a great home.

James Stroud: Excellent, well we look forward to speak to anyone that wants to come and see us about a great plan.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely, this and many other plans.

James Stroud: Great, we do enjoy building them.


Granny Flat Design Interview – Stroud Homes

In this interview James Stroud and Bryan Canavan sit down over a coffee and chat about the considerations that go into creating a functional and beautiful Granny Flat design.

If you are considering a Granny Flat style extension or inclusion in a new build then this is essential listening before you go any further.


James Stroud: It’s James Stroud here from Stroud Homes and I’m enjoying a chat with Bryan this morning, who’s our lead sales consultant here at Stroud Homes and he’s been telling me that we’ve been getting a lot of demand for granny flats. It’s really interesting to see the trends that are emerging in the new home building arena and the reasons behind those; it’s quite interesting to see that there’s very, very solid reasons behind the recent phenomenon of building a granny flat or a dual occupancy home or even a duplex. Later on, we might actually talk a little bit about how these buildings are distinguished from one another and how you might identify which strategy is the best for you and your family.

So, what can you tell us about granny flats, Bryan?

Bryan Canavan: Well James, as you said, the level of interest and uptake is up quite strongly and we’ve notice this over anything from the last 6 – 12 months. Even just this morning, I had a young couple in, just had a new baby and the grand parents wanted to sort of move in together, so rather than having to bunk in to one home, it allows both parties to have basically their own home but all under one roof.

James Stroud: Okay, so this young couple, what would be some of the advantages in their particular case of building a home like that?

Bryan Canavan: There are several and perhaps it would vary from person to person but certainly with this one, it gave security to both parties, security when they’re both there, that the young couple know where the grandpa is. He’s getting a little bit elderly but the fact that if anything does happen from a medical point of view, they’re only literally seconds away. Also a security that generally mom and dad are away from home during the day and grandpa is going to be home most of the time. So there’s almost like a built in security guard so to speak.

There’s that nice little convenience side of things, which relates to babysitting, so you’ve got almost like a built-in babysitter, giving mom and dad a little bit of a break from time to time. I would think that certainly it’s part and parcel but cost is another thing. I mean to build say a 1 or 2 bedroom home as opposed to a separate door, as opposed to being under the same roof, it’s a huge cost saving, so it just makes it so much more affordable.

James Stroud: Yeah, it makes good sense all around, doesn’t it? It’s just an easy way to basically solve a lot of problems for families in terms of their housing needs.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely. If you look at the more medium to longer term, maybe grandma and grandpa is not going to be there forever, the reality is around about that time your children are starting to get to the stage where they want their privacy and rather than having them to move out, there’s an opportunity there for them to move into that part of the home. We’re seeing, with the market having so much demand, you just know it’s going to help with your resale as well because they are proving to be extremely popular.

James Stroud: Yeah well Bryan, you know one thing that I see from my point of view as a builder, I know a lot of trades obviously and I’ve seen a few cases where a plumber will have an apprentice, and he may actually, as part of the employment package, offer to have them in the granny flat. That way he can quite easily make sure that the young fellow is ready for work every morning because he just lives next door.

Bryan Canavan: Yeah, it just all makes sense, doesn’t it? The one probably common thread that I’ve noticed with just about everybody is, well they all broadly want a granny flat but virtually no 2 are the same. It allows them to actually customize a home. Had a lady or a couple in fact, but the lady wanted a sewing room, so they only wanted one room as far as the bedroom goes, so we built her a little sewing room that’s specific to their needs. Obviously that’s one of the reasons why you would build your own house anyway. You get to choose and fashion it to your needs but certainly with the granny flat, that’s very much the case.

James Stroud: That’s probably a good point you raised too, Bryan. Because these homes do end up being a bit larger, we’ve gained a fair bit of experience in the last little while making these homes fit the land, and one thing that I’ve noticed about the designs that is coming out of your team there, Bryan, in the last little while is that the homes don’t look like they have a granny flat attached to them anymore. We’re starting to do these single garages where one of the garages is for the granny flat occupants and one of the garages is for the main house. We’re finding that the designs are evolving to the point where they look very nice on the block and there’s no discernible way that you can pick that there’s a granny flat attached.

We probably should talk a little bit about the options involved with doing a granny flat. What do you think, why would some people choose a granny flat that is detached from the house out in the backyard and why would other people want one that is attached to the home. What would be some of the factors that they would be considering?

Bryan Canavan: It’s interesting and I suppose it is a little bit of a personal choice. When people come to a point where they’ve decided that they’re both going to rebuild, I haven’t come across anybody who actually does want to do it that way. The ones that we’re doing are totally detached with the existing housing but I suppose it maybe just a matter of privacy. That does come back to the point, James, that we’re just talking before though with the customization in that you have the capacity to either have very much clear and defined walls in line as to where your house starts and the granny flat starts and so on, but also I find a lot of people are quite happy to have that but they’d like to use the common alfresco, and we can design them in such a manner that there’s a sliding door that leaves from the living area from the granny flat and the same from the house on to the same alfresco. Sure it’s a bigger alfresco than normal perhaps but cost effective, again it falls under that umbrella of being such great value to do it that way.

James Stroud: Yeah, and if it’s a close knit family, they probably spend their outdoor time together anyways, so they’ve got their own little home to go away to but when they come outside the Queensland, weather is suitable for outdoor dining, most of the time I think would be fair to say.

Bryan Canavan: Yeah

James Stroud: It’s a good trend. So we’ve got attached granny flats, we got detached granny flats, I think attached granny flats are always going to…in your experience with getting the home priced up with their estimate Bryan, the attached ones are much more cost effective than the detached ones.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely, absolutely, yeah. Not just by a few thousand, literally by thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s much more cost effective. Also, if you think of, we talked about common areas before, you think about garages before, some of the ones we’ve done, the granny and the grandpa don’t need a garage. That’s fair enough but a lot do, so we can actually put either a car port or in most cases a separate garage and again it’s up to individual. We can have a wall between the single garage and the double garage from the home or we can just keep it open. Now you saw how cost effective that is to simply extend the roofline and the slab rather than go over to a separate site and build a separate garage with the granny flat.

James Stroud: Alright, well look Bryan; I think that we should invite people who are interested in granny flats to contact us. We’re continually designing new granny flats to meet specific needs but in the process, we are finding that some of the designs are, you might say ‘distinguishing’ themselves as very good designs that can be reused and then there’s other designs that we’re just developing for families that have approached us only recently. If you are thinking of doing a granny flat, it’s a good idea to call in and speak to Bryan and find out what the latest trends in granny flats are and how you can solve your needs with a granny flat.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely, and you are quite right in that there’s one design in particular that we’re working with that we’ve already in the process, well we’ve built one and in the process of building the second. They’re virtually identical. Clearly that’s a design that works and it is one that has got the 3 garages, separate single garage, 2 entries for the front door so there’s no reason for each party to come and go to disturb the other party, but for whatever it is and that one seems to work and has been very well accepted. Even as a starting point, have a look at that one.

James Stroud: Bryan, while we’re talking granny flats, I think we should maybe just get into the technical detail a little bit of how a granny flat that’s attached to the home differs from a duplex. I think that would be an important distinction for our viewers to understand. Being the builder in this conversation, maybe I’ll delve in to that a little bit.

Bryan Canavan: Yeah.

James Stroud: Granny flats generally are…a home with a granny flat attached generally is for one family and once you go to something that’s more of a dual living or a duplex-type building, you will be putting a firewall in between. That’s probably the main difference. The firewall does bring a little bit of cost with it but the benefit that comes with the firewall is that it allows you to legally rent that smaller dwelling or either dwelling independently of the other. Once you put that firewall in there, it becomes a mini-rental property. You can help out with your mortgage payment, help fund your retirement, maximize your returns from your building by using that other side. What we are seeing a little bit is people’s children grow up and they’re 20, then they’re 25, then they’re 30 and they’re still at home and they might even get married and just find it very comfortable at home, at least with a party wall down the middle you may be able to charge them some rent.

Bryan Canavan: Yeah that makes perfect sense, sort of in a legal sense of what we’re talking about before, with the progression of where does the granny flat go and granny and grandpa have moved on. That’s obviously another possibility there.

James Stroud: And I think the other thing we should mention, Bryan, is that the council seemed to be getting more and more comfortable with this scenario. Maybe if you wanted to clock back 24 months, there is a few ripples in getting these approved for building, but are you finding now that they’re going through a lot smoother?

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely. We haven’t had any pushback from the council. It’s probably cost-effective housing when you think about it. Most councils have seen that dilemma, where they’re trying to provide high-density housing from ever increasing population. I guess this falls into that category.

James Stroud: Yeah, it’s a step in the right direction I think. I don’t know, I think we’ve pretty well covered all the benefits of granny flats.

Bryan Canavan: Yeah I think so, and I’ll just say whether it is the granny flat or a dual living or a duplex, they tend to have common advantages.

James Stroud: Yeah and I guess we should point out that people can go to our website and they can review the garage options and the granny flats options and basically already mentally have a bit of an assembly you might call it put together. We’ve got pre-designed garage, extension options and obviously some very, very popular homes that have a very well thought of floor plan as it is. We’re finding that people can quickly and easily pop in and see us and we can put together a design that fits their block, fits their family, fits their budget and delivers them some of the benefits that a granny flat or a dual living or a duplex provide.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely James. As you’re aware, with those last couple of weeks, we’ve had professional photography done so we’d be more than happy to send out some internal shots, which does help a lot of people who look at plans and doesn’t mean a lot; if they see the internal photos with furniture in there. We’ve got those in file as well.

James Stroud: Very good, Bryan. Thank you for sitting down with me and talking about granny flats and dual living today. I hope that we can find solutions for many more families in the future.

Bryan Canavan: Yep, no problem. Thanks so much, James.

Stroud Homes Toowoomba Hits the Road!

The Stroud Homes Toowoomba team now have their vehicles decked out in the Stroud Homes livery. Be on the look out for the distinctive ‘green machine’ out and about in the Garden City.



With more than 30 years of local building experience, the team at Stroud Homes Toowoomba has a proven track record of success and a strong reputation for exceptional service and superior home building quality.

This brings with it a strong referral network and connections to the best tradespeople to deliver top quality, long-lasting workmanship. We provide an environment where tradespeople want to do their best, so they in turn strive to do a great job for you.

The result = a new house that we are proud of and a new home that you will love.

If you are looking for value, quality and friendly service, come and speak to Greg, Christine and Patrick Neville at Stroud Homes Toowoomba.

A fresh range of home designs – including acreage homes, duplexes, granny flats, town homes and all the way up through luxury home designs – a visit to the team at Stroud Homes is a must.

Greg leads a close knit team that works closely with the best local trades to produce outstanding quality, great value family homes and a pleasant building experience that “Feels like home”.

Got your eye on a piece of land at Highfields, Middle Ridge, Glenvale, Harristown or any of the Toowoomba suburbs then we would be happy to come and give you our appraisal of it and whether it will suit the type of new home construction that you are thinking of.

Look out for the new office near the Subway in Highfields. We look forward to meeting you there!